About Us

We are Visual Experts

We are not your typical production team.

Freeman & Le Tourneau was established to offer a different kind of creative service – one that’s not so easily pigeonholed.

We leverage our joint years’ experience in film, photography, animation, post-production and more, in all walks of life, to deliver a streamlined creative package that delivers on all fronts – not just specialised areas of focus.

“Integrated” may be a buzzword, but it’s at the heart of what we do. We think about projects from all angles, drawing on a wealth of past projects across high-print and motion, to optimise budget and approach and deliver great work in one simple, clear-cut package.

Our mixed-media and flexible approach has seen us establish an award-winning partnership that works with some of the best agencies, brands and creatives in the industry.

A Collaborative Approach

We are creative problem solvers at heart, with a passion for bringing your ideas to life.

That passion is key to creative success: we don’t just shoot and walk away. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and being hands-on from pre-production to post. We’re not just project managers: we love the work – not to mention that this helps us to deliver ideas in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

By including us early in your creative pipeline, we can draw on decades of experience to advise on best practices, mediums and approaches that are proven to result in success.

We believe that input is just as important as output when it comes to image creation, and its with this ethos we support, create and execute concepts either in-house or with our own team, The Operators Creative.

Try something different

Our mixed media, integrated approach, combined with our hands-on attitude, makes for an unconventional yet refreshingly unique option for any creative project.

Whether it’s a one-off commercial or an annual campaign, we will collaborate, advise, and support you in the delivery of the best creative output, approached in the most effective way.

Today’s creative endeavours need to be flexible, experimental, and resourceful – you can’t be rigid in the mediums you employ or sticking to traditional approaches.

We can help you step outside your comfort zone…in the most exciting way possible.

Who we are

Scott Freeman & Ben Le Tourneau

We spent many years working independently in the creative industry before co-founding The Operators Creative in 2010 – our agile, London-based creative production studio.

The Operators disrupts the traditional post/production mould by combining stills and motion production under one roof.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truly great artists and practitioners in the creation of award-winning campaigns.

Fully integrated and populated by some truly amazing talent, The Operators gives us the ability to develop shoot direction and production craft, while simultaneously taking on all sorts of inventive and challenging creative briefs.

Freeman & Le Tourneau is the more lightweight, flexible and adaptable version of The Operators, offering lighting-fast and quick-thinking creativity outside of the traditional studio environment.

Scott Freeman:

A veteran in all aspects of production, Scott has spent the last two decades developing an integrated mindset capable of tackling all of today’s evolving production needs and trends.

Scott started out as a young apprentice in prepress, where he picked up a deep understanding of colour management in the analogue and digital worlds, before transitioning into high-end creative retouching and post-production and developing a love of compositional puzzles and the final colour grade.

Scott combined all of his broad experience into one, singular offering when he founded integrated agency solution The Operators Creative alongside Ben Le Tourneau. Scott is Managing Director & Creative Partner at The Operators, where he directs campaigns and a team of highly skilled artists, producing a range of high-quality content across multiple platforms.

Scott’s raw passion for all things ‘image’ in both photography and direction is the driving motivation in everything he creates. It enables him to take efficient and flexible approaches to some seriously complex and creative deliveries – all without compromising the high-quality final look he strives for.

Ben Le Tourneau:

A longtime scholar of film and animation, Ben started his career as a Creative Services Manager, bringing tools to market that are now commonly used by digital artists around the world (such as Mocha Pro).

Ben is now co-owner of The Operators, an integrated agency that provides high-end visual content for agencies and brands across multiple platforms. Ben champions an integrated, multimedia approach to production, across projects of all shapes and sizes. He always looks for new, disruptive ideas, strategies and solutions to tackle age-old problems, enabling him to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to contemporary production.

Ben is a filmmaker in the very widest sense and has a passion for experimentation with both in-camera techniques and digital mediums.

Ben’s work is hugely varied and covers everything from directing live-­action commercials, stop-­frame animations, to online content. He prioritises flexibility in every project, working across a number of platforms and employing artists with hugely varied skills to manifest never-before-seen solutions.

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