Chocolate photography and stop frame animation on the hottest days of the year, easy!

McCann sent over a box of chocolates to devour, photograph and film for Godiva’s ‘Carnival’ campaign. Accompanying the playful chocolates, were the luxuriously smooth Chocolixir shakes, which tempted everyone on set during the sweltering summer heat.

Simultaneously splitting our production days across films and stills is what we do best. As well as the hero chocolates & Chocolixir’s, capturing the real ingredients we’re just as important, starting with ravishing raspberries, succulent mango slices and golden popping candy, to name but a few.

Never one to shy from a practical effect we also crafted a purpose built stop-frame rig, which our specialist worked her magic on bringing the engraved gold cup, maracas, castanets and chocolates vibrantly to life.

The chocolates were obviously the star of the show and although challenging at times, we brought the most out of them as seen in them lively dancing in the films.

Final Video

Stop-Frame, Chocolates & Posh Shakes

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Directors / Shoot & Post Production

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