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Teaming up with the lovely folks over at Poke once again, we put together another fun set of videos for this years UEFA Champions League social media campaign for Heineken.

As the creative was a real mixture of playful scenarios we decided to roll up our sleeves and shoot practical effects with animated digital enhancements.

Like with all our drinks imagery, the dark art of drink styling is essential to making the perfect crisp and refreshing drink. We captured a selection of beer, sofas, tables and us punching through walls with a chroma green glove on. Then back to the studio, using our digital toolbox of CGI and captured content we re-built the various films using clean plates, matte painting, CGI models and 8k footage.

Creating these videos required lots of different practical and digital methods however we love a puzzle here and with all our campaigns we always create a toolkit of flexible, cross-platform deliverables.

Watch us punch through a wall in the behind the scenes.

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