The perfect choreographed single camera movement with actors, a child and a lot of moving parts. Really how hard can it be?

With well over 2 minutes of continuous action we had our work cut out. Our goal was not to use any tricks, transitions or fakery to make this action sequence feel organic, intimate and totally seamless.

Working closely with Ogilvy Health’s creative duo James Cooke & Vicki Roy we put our thinking caps on and created a full 3D pre-visualisation of a 1/1 scale sequence of the our hero talents action, room scenarios and camera movement needed to showcase this creative.

It was certainly one of the most challenging, yet rewarding projects to date. The vision was to depict a patients journey with her rheumatoid arthritis via a series of micro installations throughout a large location.

Our vision was to capture a heart warming optimistic film which showcases her journey as she interacts with all the day to day scenarios that life throws at us.

The enormity of the set and crew shines through with the high production value, alongside the beautiful shots framing each scene serenely and ease. Thanks to everyone that was involved.

Pre-Vis Blockout

Live Action Steady Cam, Edit & Grade

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